What is incarceration

What is incarceration?

What is incarceration?  To be incarcerated, to be locked up in a prison/jail facility for any amount of time.  When the law has been broken. One is incarcerated as a punishment. Sometimes for years inside chain-linked fences. A prison unit usually houses 400 inmates. one is assigned to a cell that is called home for the next 2,3,4, or 30 years. 2 prisoners per cell. That is where one will live the duration of their time.  There is a small period you have no contact with the outside world.

All that one has in prison is time

All one has in there is time. If your lucky one can get a job there. There is a store once a month. There is a set amount you can spend each month. But, guess what? This is a privileged one who will need to have a privilege card to be able to shop. There are classes for different things like getting a GED, computer technology, anger management, etc… Most of the time there is a waiting list.

 Time has passed, it’s almost time to go home.

The time has come and gone is so close to being released, the feelings that set in are indescribable. Happiness is the main feeling sadness creeps in, cellmates have lived in the same cell for years and have gotten to know each other becoming friends, sadly, one is being left behind.

Sorting out the feelings

always being happy to be released but sad because two people have lived in the same cell for years and it causes sadness because the other person has to stay. they have learned enough about one another to know that they are not bad people at all they have a good heart. Bad choices landed them there.  Happy but nervous because we don’t know what to expect at home, or something else has changed. Feeling scared, unsure how others are feeling. Trying to sort out the feeling seems like it’s adding other feelings.

Tomorrow is the big day

It’s finally here tomorrow is the big day.  It feels like getting released into the unknown, we get home where everything looks almost the same except brother grew up and got married. Sister grew up and has a boyfriend and going to college. Mom is a little older, she is so happy to see you, “your dad will be home in a couple of hours from work”.  Your mom says.

The word, the dreaded word

Mom said the word, “work” the hardest thing to do upon being released from prison,  find work being an ex Felon and on parole. People are afraid to hire ex-prisoners.  The fact is there are more judges in the world than there are in a courthouse and the sad thing is none have been elected or certified to judge anyone.

everyone has a story not every prisoner is bad.

Everyone has a story.  I’ve had my judgemental moments, but I have learned not to judge a book by its cover. What is seen on the outside may not be a portrait of what’s going on or has gone on on the inside.  I have been to prison, but not because I’m a bad person I made a wrong choice that got me in trouble.  This was over 25 years ago. I’m not proud of the fact I am an ex-prisoner.

Being an ex-prisoner gives me the experience

Being an ex-prisoner. I know first hand the struggles of finding a job. That is the main reason I chose this topic for my website. I want to help people that are having trouble finding a job, because of the label that was put on us.

Let me be the opened door when the rest are closed

There have been plenty of times a door has been closed for me, but it’s ok, don’t take it personally. Life for me has been so much better since joining WA, just following the lessons,  interacting with the WA community, and having discovered some wonderful people along the way. I feel the need to help others by showing them how they too can change to be a better version of themselves. I want to help you to open the door to a fabulous future.

By doing what I love to do I’m never going to work

I love writing. This is fun for me. I can write whenever or whatever I want to write about. Inside the prison, there are lots of people that draw, write, tattoo among other things. Think about it.m people that draw can logo designing, actually if you have a passion, why not put it to work for you. create a business with what you love doing.



5 thoughts on “What is incarceration

  1. I hear what you are saying.

    My partners son has been in and out of prisons most of his life and just doesn’t appear to learn from it. Some people just can’t change!

    We are in the UK and the prisons here and the punishments given just don’t fit the crimes. I know if it was the US then the terms would be much longer and should act as a deterent more than here.

    Its always a wrong choice and that is down to us but some people do learn from their mistakes. Its just a shame society labels all ex prisoners with the same brush.

    Learning a skill online doesn’t descriminate.

    Thank you for sharing

    • It is a cycle that needs to be broken and I think if an ex prisoners could get a decent job or a job with decent pay I think that would give them motivation to stay out of trouble. thank you for your comment

  2. Thank you so much for this important article, Miriam! As someone who works in the legal field, as well as someone who has witnessed several of my family members and friends go to jail, incarceration is a very humbling experience. Thousands of offenders (both violent and non-violent) go to jail everyday; some have committed the crime, and some are falsely convicted of the crime. When a person is in jail for an extended amount of time, it (or at least should) changes that person-many prisoners see the error of their ways, are remorseful, many turn to God (thank you, Jesus!), and try to turn over a new leaf.

    When a prisoner tries to do better, we should give him or her an opportunity to do so. None of us have the right to judge the incarcerated; we’re all sinners only here by God’s mercy and grace, through the blood of Jesus Christ. All of us are capable of doing good and bad things, but our circumstances play into our eventual decisions. When a person has messed up, we should love him or her, pray for him or her, try to help him or her, and not judge him or her-God is the ultimate judge. When we do this, this world will be a much better place. Great read! God bless you!

  3. Hi there and thanks for this really interesting article. I’m looking into employment opportunities for some of my clients who have come out of prison and its just really hard for them to be given a chance

    • Thank you Marketa, I was gone for a little while from working on my websites. I was getting a little overwhelmed but I am back ready to make my websites what they need to be. And I will be posting what kind of jobs are available for persons that have been convicted of a crime. Not to many employers want to hire ex-felons, I myself know that we all make wrong choices at times. That is not who we are. Giving someone a chance to get back into the free world. Helping them do it is the best feeling, knowing I had something to do with their change, makes my time working to help them well worth it. Tnank you again.
      Best wishes on your journey with WA,

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