The incentive to employers for at-risk workers

Incentive for employers

The Fidelity Bonding program it’s an incentive for employers that have concerns about hiring applicants that are at risk. Bonds are valid for 6 months. Great for job seekers.

Work opportunity tax credit for individuals from targeted groups that have been confronted with certain barriers for employment.

Targeted groups

  • Qualified veterans
  • Snap recipients
  • Ex-felons
  • summer youth
  • Qualified long term unemployment recipients

It will provide a tax credit of up to $9600 to employers who hire these individuals.

American Job Center

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6 thoughts on “The incentive to employers for at-risk workers

  1. I was not aware that there were incentives, like the Fidelity Bonding Program, that employers could get if they wanted to employ somebody who might be at risk. It is a great incentive, and I am sure it will also greatly help those that are in the targeted groups, to find employment. Thanks you for highlighting this incentive. $9,600 tax credit is not to be ignored.

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  3. I am a business owner and never knew incentives like this existed. Definitely going to be looking into this when I decide to hire more employees. Does it matter what state I live in or anything? 

    Definitely looking for any tax credit I can get and if I can get a great employee out of it on top of that even better.

    • Hello Brandon,

      it is the Fidelity Bonding Program check with American Job Center there are 2400 American Job Centers nationwide. I will search for any updates on this. It is worth looking into. Best incentive just to hire someone looking for a job. and like you you may come up with the best employee and make money all at the same time. I wish you the best in finding a great employee. If you have anymore questions feel free to message me.

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