5 Top-Paying Jobs

5 top-paying jobs for ex-felons

When you are incarcerated on a felony charge/s it is sort of losing some of your privileges.

The employment opportunities become less than they were before. Although, there are jobs available that do hire ex-felons.

It’s much easier for a first time offender to get a job than for repeat offenders.  Jobs are scarce for offenders.

This list of the top 5 best-paying jobs for ex-felons to apply.  If you are a first time or a 4th-time offender these jobs hire. Depending on your experience over half of them are dangerous.

Jobs hiring ex-offenders.

Listing the top 5 jobs that hire ex-felons are the ones that pay the highest wages. What you need to know is that most of the employers will pay you much less than they pay someone without a criminal record.

Some of these jobs have training programs that you can take advantage of, to become qualified for the job. Although they may pay you less than someone with the same experience less the felony conviction.

High paying jobs that are felon friendly

  • Oilfield work
  • Carpenter
  • Welder
  • Electricians
  • HVAC technician


Offshore oilfield work


1. Oilfield work

is one of the good-paying jobs that an ex-felon can get into it is anything but, an easy job.

There are different job titles in the oilfields there is;

rig manager,

  • Roustabout,
  • Floor hand, and


To make a career in the oilfields does not require a college degree. although, floor hand and redneck does require a high school diploma. Having a college degree gets you a better position with better pay.

Some certificates are required as you move up to higher positions these are received when you attend training and seminars.

The best-paying jobs in the oilfield industry are offshore drilling. You are gone from your family for weeks sometimes months.

Salary for offshore drilling ranges anywhere from;

$305,000- $150,000

this depending on the position hired for and experience.

Job titles for offshore drilling workers; 

  • offshore drilling
  • consultants,
  • installation managers,
  • production supervisors,
  • chemical processing engineers,
  • drilling engineers,
  • geologist,
  • workover completion staff,
  • tanker captain,
  • marine engineer,
  • divers/helicopter pilots

The following are some jobs from oilfields on land.

  • Roustabout   associate with good hard work and making lots of money
  • Floor hand  Is entry-level.  no college degree is needed, high school/GED is needed. You will apply for floor hand position. From there you move up to motor hand, Derrick hand, driller, and eventually oil rig manager
  • Redneck  helper that will work their way up


Salary of oilfield workers

  •  Entry level              $31,444 up to $35,000bary
  •  Medien                    $42,900

Most experienced  $72,930.

This industry has the highest paying jobs in offshore drilling. These contracts can set you up for life. Hard work long hours leads to great pay.

Carpenter job

  1. Carpentry 

pays great, it leads to great creations.

Carpenters do many jobs from building stairs, framing a house, drywalling, cabinetry.

Independent carpentry is highly collaborative working with every tradesperson on the job.

Technical carpenters must plan and consider and plan for the need of other tradesperson involved.

Problem-solving carpenters must solve a problem while maintaining destructible integrity

Creativity every inch of a structure is the carpenter’s creative vision come to life.

Variety carpentry is a trade that covers it all. if you want variety this is the trade for you.

Like most professional trade carpentry covers a wide range of fields and vocational it’s most fundamental level. Carpenter creates structures and functional objects.

Perhaps the most familiar type is a general or finishes carpenter who helps create residentials, offices, and shops. General carpenter often works closely with other tradespeople.

Such as planned plumbers and electricians who contribute to the final product. It’s a highly collaborative process that results in a product far greater, than the same of its parts.

salary of a carpenter

beginners. $32,000 – $34,697

the median $42,000 – $45,543

the top.       $90,000 +

The ultimate woodworking projects

Woodworking design

The woodworkers create amazing pieces of furniture for indoor and outdoor.

If woodworking is something you are passionate about and had over 16,000 projects and plans complete with detailed instructions and a blueprint for every project.

You could create your online woodworking business, the possibilities are endless.

With these plans, there is no guesswork ever. Teds woodworking has over 16,000 plans and more see here. see here.

This is great for beginners up to establish woodworkers.

Especially if you love designing projects and would love to be your boss, it can be done.  With these plans, you can decide what is right for you. The salary of woodworkers depends on experience.

Welding jobs

  1. welders

most welding jobs require a 4-year degree. Vocational welder training. Or experience/ recommendations

welding is a great career. There are different type of welding these are;

  • TIG
  • MIG
  • Stick Welding

Welder titles

  • industrial pipeline welder $36,414 -106,348
  • underwater welder  54,750 – 300,000
  • military support welders up to 160,000
  • nuclear industry welders (salary varies)
  • Nero space welders. 29,540 – 60,000
  • certified welding inspectors 70,000 +

welding is one of the jobs that, most titles ask that you be certified, if you have the experience and the knowledge you can attend training and take the tests there you will get the certifications needed.


4. Electricians

Electricians light up our lives, they are needed every day.

they are the ones that keep our homes safe from faulty wires. They make sure the street lights are working. They are the ones that put all the wiring in new structures they are there from beginning to end.

They will be the last ones to leave the finished product. making sure every light works flawlessly. The pay varies from state to state.

Entry-level education, high school diploma, or equivalent.

projected 10-year growth

2020 Salary of an electrician

Highest top 10% $45 hour $94,620yearly

senior top 25% $35 hour $72,780

Middle medium 50% $27 hour $55,190

junior bottom 25% $20 hour $41,260

another was to increase your salary is to move to a higher paying.

although, if you think about it you may end up with less after paying the bills, the cost of living in some state is higher than in others.

HVAC jobs

5. HVAC Technician

Tech Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning refrigeration

HVAC Technician spends their workdays installing, maintaining, and repairing various indoor climate control systems. That we often take for granted. The systems that are installed in buildings dictate what they can be used for. Everyone knows that people will be using refrigeration, heating systems, and air conditioners in the future.

According to the bureau of labor statistics BLS, HVAC Technician employment is expected to increase by 15% through 2026.

Just in the number of systems is massive, to keep the systems up and running, HVAC Tech and service they render are needed across the country.

HVAC systems will allow you to live anywhere you desire with the abundance of geographic options to chose from. It is worth noting that California, Ohio, Florida,  Texas, and Illinois have been dubbed the best state for HVAC Techs to work.

Get paid while you learn the job. As an entry-level employee following the competition of your training program. If you chose to be a worker you will receive extensive on the job training as an entry-level employee.

During this time you will receive half of the salary of your fully trained journeyman counterparts. The good thing is you will typically receive pay raises as you master more and more skills of the job

Salary of A HVAC Technician

An HVAC technicians salary varies from state to state in

Grand Rapids, MI $36,000year

  • Additional pay
  • $2k cash bonus
  • $288k commissions
  • $2k tip gratuities

Dallas Fort Worth, TX

  • $52,000 a year

here are some salaries

job titles

  • customer service rep jobs $25,000
  • sales rep $$39,000
  • store manager job $46,000
  • Asst manager $41,000

these salaries vary from state to state some jobs may pay and some may pay less. All 50 states have different salaries for different HVAC jobs.

  • HVAC U.S. Airforce range from $30,000 to $76,000
  • U.S Army HVAC range from $35,000 to $76,000
  • johnson controls range from $20 to $50 hourly

HVAC jobs are across the world. Every state needs HVAC employees.

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There are now plenty of jobs that hire felons.

For different jobs, now felons are being bonded. They are doing tjs as a means to help felons get back on their feet. If anything comes up missing or something gets broken on purpose it will get replaced. To be bonded means to have insurance placed on a person. This also means that if someone intentionally breaks something or takes something they are on their way back to the fenced big house, yes, you guessed it back to prison.

This is a great opportunity for felons to get out of prison and start their life back to recover their freedom. Getting a good job when released makes one build their self-esteem. With a job the odds of going back to prison decrease significantly.

There are also government grants that help, some grants don’t have to be paid back.

Lots of jobs call for special equipment such as boots, gloves, overalls, helmets, whatever it is there is help for it just speak to your parole officer he/she will guide you. Parole can also give you vouchers for rent, food, clothing.

It’s all there available to help get you back into society. If there is anything I can do to help you don’t hesitate to ask.