Companies that hire felons

Staffing, Temp jobs for all Companies that hire felons

Depending on where you live in the country some companies hire felons now I have a list of places across the country wherever you are you can check.

  • CSX International terminals; jobs May 5 and residential
  • Am cor inc.; make packaging for beverage, for food for sales and marketing⁸
  • Purdue farms; chicken plants across the united states, great pay
  • Tyson farms; chicken plants from the east coast to the west coast. I worked for Tyson chicken in North Carolina the pay was good it is a real dirty job but the pay is good
  • Aero tech staffing; a variety of jobs
  • Happy faces personal group; accounting, administrative assistant, etc.
  • Enforce; payroll training, hr services.
  • Kelly temp services; financial services
  • Impact; law industry, human resources, consulting
  • Malone, management consulting career
  • Manpower; outsourcing recruitment, vendor management services
  • Pirate staffing; payroll, order pullers, construction, class A drivers, assembly, forklift operators, warehousing, skill trader, manufacturing, janitorial, caterers, sign holders, food services, sign holders, plumbers, laborers
  • Pride staffing; Atlantic coast merchandising, PS wholesale club (like it says club)
  • Highway maintenance corporation; keeping the environment clean, advertising & marketing
  • 7-elevens
  • Labor finders
  • skyline designs; work with glass, architect
  • Leads west group; automotive company (if you like working with cars)
  • Mosquito jobs; trying to get rid of mosquitoes
  • Stanley steamer international; shampoo and vacuuming, cleaning/ sales

These are some felon-friendly places across the united states, most of these listed are staffing agencies.

Staffing across the U.S.

There are two to five staffing companies in every city in the united states. They are the ones that will direct you to felon-friendly jobs around your area.

Never lie on your application some will ask for details and some won’t. You can write I made some wrong choices, you’ve done your time and you don’t want to keep paying.

Most employers use these temp services if they have work that needs to be done in a certain time, if someone went on vacation or medical leave they need someone to cover these spots. Also, if they are looking for full-time employees. Employers get people to work through these services to find the right person for the jobs, they post the jobs asking for someone for 2 weeks with the chance to be hired on.

Tools, shoe, or special clothing may be available

I am giving you this information so you will do your best if you like the work you are doing. Once you are hired on and you find that you need special shoes, clothing, and/or tools your parole officer can help you.

Also, there are government agencies that will help you with housing, food, or training that you may need. Some places will give you a voucher to get your driver’s license at a greatly reduced price.

Paycheck to paycheck can be stressful

So long as you are serious about getting your life back on track there are many resources to help you there are food banks everywhere this is a good place where you can go if you run out of food. Because living paycheck to paycheck gets stressful, when all the bills consume most of your earnings in 2 days you broke again all you have is money for gas or the bus.

Not only that you work 5 or 6 days a week, but you also notice the owner hasn’t been to work in a week. You ask someone about him and they tell you he is on another vacation and you can’t afford to go out to dinner. You get paid a small paycheck to do the job that the owner should be doing, but he has employees to do it.

That is a revolving door as long as we work for someone else we are just adding to their bank account. Don’t get me wrong some people like having a job like that and getting a paycheck every week. Think about it, you can get a job for a while to help you with expenses for your home.

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Most importantly, don’t give up

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Best wishes

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