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Clickbank review ’20 

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing platform where you will find many digital products to promote. A good deal of you may be familiar with click bank and what it’s about. I’m going to share a little about click bank here. Some pros and cons. Staggering numbers, when and Where click bank began.

The beginning of a program

The beginning of a program, that would become a place Where vendors would place their products that they want help to promote and affiliates would find them and promote them.

    1. This platform began in 1998 out of a garage in San Diego CA. It was one of the first affiliate marketing networks. A platform, where a vendor as well as an affiliate can earn money.

Anyone that wants to become an affiliate marketer can join this platform it’s free.  There are thousands of digital products to promote.

Anyone can promote products on social media networks without working your fingers to the bone. Don’t get me wrong, there is still work to do and it takes time to get build your audience anyone can create an online store where everything in your store will be posted that’s a lot of work, or be an affiliate where you make ads to add to your blog or your websites. Don’t have a website? If you would like to create on for free this program will help you create your website

A general overview of click bank

It 206 million-plus customers from 193 countries

87th internet retailer in North America.

279 categories 21,576 product listing.

6 million entrepreneurs on the platform.

Over 250 million dollars in annual sales.

Affiliate marketing with click bank

The truth is that lots of money can be earned through the click bank affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business industry for anyone to join, it’s free to join.

This is true although, there are affiliate products that are worthless on these affiliate networks that anyone can get caught up in. 

I’m going to share some things to look for on any affiliate marketing platform. Scams usually happen to new people that see all shiny objects and believe they are real. It happened to me twice (not proud to say). This can easily leave a person with no desire to continue. Being a beginner is when we are most vulnerable to be scammed. Why? Again the shiny object. Who, when beginning, hears that by the end of the week You will see in your bank account anywhere from 5, 000 to 10, 000 dollars, will not go try this? Or to buy this program and just plug it into your computer and You will start earning while You sleep.

This is the reason I’m writing this post. I want to make You aware of what to look for as far as scams,

Get rich quick/get paid while You sleep

Fake marketing product and services

Paying a membership or a program to become an affiliate

Get rich quick on click bank

Not happening, although affiliate marketing is the real deal. What it is not, it’s not a get rich overnight scheme. You can earn plenty of money with affiliate marketing.

These-get-rich schemes tell You, that You will make lots of money working a couple of hours a day or by Friday You will see thousands added to your bank account or make money while You sleep, buy a program and just plug it into your account and make money while You sleep You don’t need to be logged in to earn money. Wake up in the morning log in see how much You earned while You slept.

If it sounds too good to be true it most likely is to find the nearest exit and run away, don’t look back.

Fake products and services on click bank

This is one of the most commonly used scams in affiliate marketing.

Fake marketing is when scammers create fake courses and training programs. 

The reason people are so easily influenced by this scam is that they want to be a step above their competition, in their business, they want to have the advantage of more knowledge and what better way than to have a training with professionals. (scammers tell You great lies they are professional scammers) these scammers go all out creating an e-book DVD that is irrelevant and useless. They will send You such things as calendars, pens, stickers, etc. in exchange for your money.

By the time You view the training You just bought the scammers have up and left, with money in their pockets. You can no longer contact them. The training is something that You learned for free online all You have is an old training/ lesson and a dent in your bank account. 

Don’t fall for these lies. 

Pay to join an affiliate marketing program

Never pay to become an affiliate marketer it is free. Although, scammers will paint such a beautiful picture and they promise to hold your hand through the process, and by the end of the week, You will have made so much money. Don’t waste your money on any of these scams.

There are so many stores and companies that pay you to promote them and their products and you can join at no charge. Therefore, never pay to become an affiliate marketer. 

However, there are affiliate platforms that will teach You how to build a website, how to pick your niche, Where You can purchase your domain, and host with word press. Get the steps and tools to make affiliate marketing work for you with your website.

I’m not familiar with too many of them. But the one I am familiar with and I use and I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate

The pros of click bank

When You join the click bank affiliate program You are given your click bank I D this affiliate ID allows You to promote more than 6000 products with no need to sign up for every product You chose individually. This would take too much of Your time. This is one of the reasons people choose to market with Clickbank versus other programs.

Due to the nature of click bank, there are no overhead costs involved this means that there is no shipping and no cost in producing more products. Being in digital form which can be downloaded and since Clickbank only sells digital products. You can earn far higher commissions.

The most obvious click bank has to offer is a great number of digital products that are available to choose from. You should be able to find related products to whatever niche You have chosen to sell on your website even if it’s something obscure, as an affiliate, You can look through all the categories until You find a product/s that interest You and one that will most likely interest your current website visitors.

With new items being added daily You will never run out of products to advertise and best of all You never need to worry about doing any of the reproductions yourself.

Another major advantage of using click bank is the life-changing potential to earn a substantial amount of money, provided that You follow the best affiliate marketing lessons and including having a content-rich website and having a relevant product to market alongside it. Commissions You can earn from click bank are high enough to make your time very worthwhile. Although commissions on products are chosen by the vendors themselves, they are usually in the range of 50% to 70% on every sale You make. These high commissions in turn can lead to You making a passive income for the long term.

The significant advantage of the click bank platform is that You can get into and You don’t need to invest any money yourself. Click bank makes its money from its commissions on vendors products

The cons of click bank

After familiarizing yourself with the various advantages of the Clickbank platform. You may be tempted to try it right away, but it is important that we also understand the drawbacks as well.

While You don’t have anything to lose by signing up and unobtrusively adding one of their affiliate products on your website, it is important that You chose your products very carefully. The biggest problem with click bank (or any other affiliate marketing for that matter) is the great amount of valueless junk being peddled with a greater emphasis on quantity than quality

  1. There are many digital products including programs and electronic guide books that are nothing more than spam.
  2. As is the case with any form of affiliate marketing, You need to choose products that You believe in. Given the number of useless products on click bank or any affiliate marketing platform, it can be hard to find something that fits into this category.
  3. It can take some time until You find something worth advertising on your website, but it is very important that You invest the time and effort, rather than risking having your reputation harmed by advertising products that your visitors are not likely to be impressed in.
  4. Many advantages of click bank also come with their flipsides,  because of the vast pool of products to chose from, there is lots of competition for affiliates. Particularly with the better quality products that offer some genuine value to consumers.
  5. Unfortunately, novices are not likely to be able to compete with the long-established and high-powered affiliates who already dominate the search engine results.

Who is click bank For?

Click bank is for everyone from beginners, entrepreneurs, to vendors alike. It is a digital affiliate program that is easy for beginners. Can use to start their affiliate marketing. 

Clickbank Tools & Training

Clickbank university. 2.0 digitally designed to help users find what is right for them. Because of this being a digital program, your lesson is digital with the only support is online, by phone, or by submitting a ticket. It cost $47 a month. A lot of students complain about this, they do keep their money-back guarantee. They will refund your money it may take some time, but it will happen. 

Clickbank support

Customer support-online or by phone since this is a digital site. Affiliate support: online-by phone-submit a ticket or support for affiliates who comes from the vendors. 

Other than that You’re pretty much helpless

Clickbank Price

affiliates the price is free

Vendor: a one-time fee of $49.95 but each pay period charges $2.50 for each check as long as You stay with click bank

My final opinion on click bank

Clickbank is a good resource for affiliates to find digital products to promote and for vendors to post their products and services for a one-time low fee of $49.95. But being digital the support You get will be from the vendors themselves. The training at click bank is all done digitally. Support from click bank is on the internet or by phone or submitting a ticket.

Clickbank at a Glance…

You can make money with click bank it is a legitimate business that offers digital products for vendors. Where affiliates can find and promote them. There are thousands of products from many categories to chose from. And since this program is digital You will need a platform Where You can get all the training to create an awesome website to promote your products. While this is a legit program that deals with digital products there is also lots of useless material.

Name: Clickbank


Founders: Tim and Eileen Barber

A subsidiary of Keynetic Inc.

Price: affiliates join for free. Vendors are charged a one time service and a fee of $49.95 and $2.50 for every check every pay period.

% of scammy product: .9% out of 100%

Verdict: legitimate affiliate program.


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