The incentive to employers for at-risk workers

Incentive for employers

The Fidelity Bonding program it’s an incentive for employers that have concerns about hiring applicants that are at risk. Bonds are valid for 6 months. Great for job seekers.

Work opportunity tax credit for individuals from targeted groups that have been confronted with certain barriers for employment.

Targeted groups

  • Qualified veterans
  • Snap recipients
  • Ex-felons
  • summer youth
  • Qualified long term unemployment recipients

It will provide a tax credit of up to $9600 to employers who hire these individuals.

American Job Center

Find an AJC in your area

There are nearly 2,400 AJCs nationwide who help people search for jobs and find training, answer any questions related to employment.

COVID-19 update;

Many AJCs are temporarily closed or changed to virtual.


Woodworking a start up business


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a woodworker and building your future making furniture? Creating beautiful pieces for your home both inside and outside. Even creating your own woodworking business?

Teds Woodworking 16,000 plans

Having so many projects and plans that will last you a lifetime? Each project having its blueprint and easy to read instructions. Making it possible to create projects easily and quickly.

Ted's designs
  • Although, other websites have woodworking projects, you will not find any with as many as  teds woodworking 16,000 plans, so precise only one place you will find so many projects as well a complete wall-to-wall library of projects that you will have lifetime access to at any time.

Dreamt it? can’t find plans? request plans

One amazing thing about teds plans is, that if you can’t find it in the plans or the library if you can imagine it, you can dream about it, you can contact teds and tell them what it is you want to make but can’t find it in the plans or the library. He will have the instructions drawn up for you. What do you think about that?

Precise easy to read the instruction

You will never find another plan with so many precise projects. Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that you have to assemble and you are doing good all of a sudden the rest of the instructions are not there, the pieces don’t fit together, or one side is taller than the other. With these plans, you will never be guessing all projects are complete with step by step instruction. I did my research on these plans they are offered at a fraction of the price of what they are worth

Thousands of plans and projects

There are 1000s and 1000s of woodworking plans and projects every single one has its blueprints with complete easy to read instructions so even if you are a beginner or a full-fledged woodworker you could have the same outcome.

If you, have tried woodworking before and it didn’t work out for you, not because you didn’t want to complete your project, but because the instructions weren’t complete. If that made you give up hope in woodworking and left you doubting woodworking altogether.

60 days money-back guarantee

I have good news for you, Teds woodworking has a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied you can get a refund.

Every month there are 50 new projects are drawn up and are free for members.

Don’t forget the library of projects as a member you have full lifetime access to the library as well. Wall to wall video of plans and projects you can download for free. Every month lots of new plans and projects. See it here 

Beautiful wood projects from teds woodworking plans

I love the smell of new wood when I get freshly made wood furniture.

New plans are drafted every month and you can download them for free and also request custom plans for a project you have in mind. The team of craftsmen will draft up your custom request. Plus you can get all the help you need to complete your projects. The master woodworkers are always ready to help. Either via email or the forum support. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Instant online access+ DVDs within minutes you can get immediate access, in the member’s area.

Lifetime membership

with this package, you’ll get a lifetime membership which includes all the 16,000 plans. You also opt to get the DVDs of all current plans in the member’s area. There you can view and download any plans that you want to build. Request any custom plans for a project or projects that you have in mind. The great team of craftsmen will draft up your custom request.

Get all the help you need to complete beautiful pieces of furniture. Anything you want to make. Don’t feel like you are ever alone with your project.

There are so many designs easy to read instructions with colorful take you by the hand blueprints that make the most challenging project seem like a walk in the park.

1000s of projects to copy, lifetime monthly plans, and support. NEW PLANS are crafted every month and you have access to them, download one or as many as you can use all for free with your lifetime membership.

Great bonuses with Ted’s woodworking plans

Imagine being the envy of woodworkers around the world. When all your creations are being made in record time. With complete easy to follow instructions you never have to stop and guess what goes where. Every project comes complete with easy to read and follow instructions. The great bonuses are extra help to the plan. See this example:


Teds woodworking plans will have exact easy to read and follow plans and blues prints. 

  • Instant access to all 16,000 plans and projects. Step by step detailed plans. List of cutting/materials and more
  • Lifetime monthly plan no recurring fee or other charges
  • A treasure chest of tutorials and in-depth training that will set you up for your projects

Amazing bonuses

  1. DWG & CAD plan viewer so you can modify and edit your plans. $47 value. Free bonus
  2. 150 premium woodworking video

    that covers a broad range of topics, hosted by master craftsmen. $77 value. Free bonus

  3. How to start a woodworking business book learn how to make money selling your custom woodwork. $27 value. Free bonus
  4. Complete woodworking guides over 200 pages of tips and tricks with detailed drawings and diagrams. $39 value. Free bonus


suitable for different  levels of woodworkers from beginners to the most knowledgeable

  2. woodworkers
  3. very useful bonuses.
  4. Surprisingly organized
  5. a huge video library for your use every day
  6. amazing customer service
  7. 60day money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied


  • Because of the number of projects and plans, it’ll take some time to download so many plans

Creating a beautiful website store

A beautiful web store a fantastic place to display your woodworking creations.

With so many beautiful projects to choose from, I can just imagine the storefront.

I can suggest to you what I believe would help you and more so if you love to work with wood.

You will want to have a website to post all of your projects make your online store to display and sell your beautiful creatións.

  1. There is only one place that will help you build a nice website. Wealthy Affiliate, You can join WA for free you with no cc have a 7-day free trial and in these 7 days, you can have your website up. The community here is amazing we all want to help each other succeed. Wealthy affiliate  has been helping people start their business for over 15+ years. If you chose to go on and join premium and

learn how building your website online store can change your life forever.  Check it here try WA you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It will not happen overnight.

5 Top-Paying Jobs

5 top-paying jobs for ex-felons

When you are incarcerated on a felony charge/s it is sort of losing some of your privileges.

The employment opportunities become less than they were before. Although, there are jobs available that do hire ex-felons.

It’s much easier for a first time offender to get a job than for repeat offenders.  Jobs are scarce for offenders.

This list of the top 5 best-paying jobs for ex-felons to apply.  If you are a first time or a 4th-time offender these jobs hire. Depending on your experience over half of them are dangerous.

Jobs hiring ex-offenders.

Listing the top 5 jobs that hire ex-felons are the ones that pay the highest wages. What you need to know is that most of the employers will pay you much less than they pay someone without a criminal record.

Some of these jobs have training programs that you can take advantage of, to become qualified for the job. Although they may pay you less than someone with the same experience less the felony conviction.

High paying jobs that are felon friendly

  • Oilfield work
  • Carpenter
  • Welder
  • Electricians
  • HVAC technician


Offshore oilfield work


1. Oilfield work

is one of the good-paying jobs that an ex-felon can get into it is anything but, an easy job.

There are different job titles in the oilfields there is;

rig manager,

  • Roustabout,
  • Floor hand, and


To make a career in the oilfields does not require a college degree. although, floor hand and redneck does require a high school diploma. Having a college degree gets you a better position with better pay.

Some certificates are required as you move up to higher positions these are received when you attend training and seminars.

The best-paying jobs in the oilfield industry are offshore drilling. You are gone from your family for weeks sometimes months.

Salary for offshore drilling ranges anywhere from;

$305,000- $150,000

this depending on the position hired for and experience.

Job titles for offshore drilling workers; 

  • offshore drilling
  • consultants,
  • installation managers,
  • production supervisors,
  • chemical processing engineers,
  • drilling engineers,
  • geologist,
  • workover completion staff,
  • tanker captain,
  • marine engineer,
  • divers/helicopter pilots

The following are some jobs from oilfields on land.

  • Roustabout   associate with good hard work and making lots of money
  • Floor hand  Is entry-level.  no college degree is needed, high school/GED is needed. You will apply for floor hand position. From there you move up to motor hand, Derrick hand, driller, and eventually oil rig manager
  • Redneck  helper that will work their way up


Salary of oilfield workers

  •  Entry level              $31,444 up to $35,000bary
  •  Medien                    $42,900

Most experienced  $72,930.

This industry has the highest paying jobs in offshore drilling. These contracts can set you up for life. Hard work long hours leads to great pay.

Carpenter job

  1. Carpentry 

pays great, it leads to great creations.

Carpenters do many jobs from building stairs, framing a house, drywalling, cabinetry.

Independent carpentry is highly collaborative working with every tradesperson on the job.

Technical carpenters must plan and consider and plan for the need of other tradesperson involved.

Problem-solving carpenters must solve a problem while maintaining destructible integrity

Creativity every inch of a structure is the carpenter’s creative vision come to life.

Variety carpentry is a trade that covers it all. if you want variety this is the trade for you.

Like most professional trade carpentry covers a wide range of fields and vocational it’s most fundamental level. Carpenter creates structures and functional objects.

Perhaps the most familiar type is a general or finishes carpenter who helps create residentials, offices, and shops. General carpenter often works closely with other tradespeople.

Such as planned plumbers and electricians who contribute to the final product. It’s a highly collaborative process that results in a product far greater, than the same of its parts.

salary of a carpenter

beginners. $32,000 – $34,697

the median $42,000 – $45,543

the top.       $90,000 +

The ultimate woodworking projects

Woodworking design

The woodworkers create amazing pieces of furniture for indoor and outdoor.

If woodworking is something you are passionate about and had over 16,000 projects and plans complete with detailed instructions and a blueprint for every project.

You could create your online woodworking business, the possibilities are endless.

With these plans, there is no guesswork ever. Teds woodworking has over 16,000 plans and more see here. see here.

This is great for beginners up to establish woodworkers.

Especially if you love designing projects and would love to be your boss, it can be done.  With these plans, you can decide what is right for you. The salary of woodworkers depends on experience.

Welding jobs

  1. welders

most welding jobs require a 4-year degree. Vocational welder training. Or experience/ recommendations

welding is a great career. There are different type of welding these are;

  • TIG
  • MIG
  • Stick Welding

Welder titles

  • industrial pipeline welder $36,414 -106,348
  • underwater welder  54,750 – 300,000
  • military support welders up to 160,000
  • nuclear industry welders (salary varies)
  • Nero space welders. 29,540 – 60,000
  • certified welding inspectors 70,000 +

welding is one of the jobs that, most titles ask that you be certified, if you have the experience and the knowledge you can attend training and take the tests there you will get the certifications needed.


4. Electricians

Electricians light up our lives, they are needed every day.

they are the ones that keep our homes safe from faulty wires. They make sure the street lights are working. They are the ones that put all the wiring in new structures they are there from beginning to end.

They will be the last ones to leave the finished product. making sure every light works flawlessly. The pay varies from state to state.

Entry-level education, high school diploma, or equivalent.

projected 10-year growth

2020 Salary of an electrician

Highest top 10% $45 hour $94,620yearly

senior top 25% $35 hour $72,780

Middle medium 50% $27 hour $55,190

junior bottom 25% $20 hour $41,260

another was to increase your salary is to move to a higher paying.

although, if you think about it you may end up with less after paying the bills, the cost of living in some state is higher than in others.

HVAC jobs

5. HVAC Technician

Tech Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning refrigeration

HVAC Technician spends their workdays installing, maintaining, and repairing various indoor climate control systems. That we often take for granted. The systems that are installed in buildings dictate what they can be used for. Everyone knows that people will be using refrigeration, heating systems, and air conditioners in the future.

According to the bureau of labor statistics BLS, HVAC Technician employment is expected to increase by 15% through 2026.

Just in the number of systems is massive, to keep the systems up and running, HVAC Tech and service they render are needed across the country.

HVAC systems will allow you to live anywhere you desire with the abundance of geographic options to chose from. It is worth noting that California, Ohio, Florida,  Texas, and Illinois have been dubbed the best state for HVAC Techs to work.

Get paid while you learn the job. As an entry-level employee following the competition of your training program. If you chose to be a worker you will receive extensive on the job training as an entry-level employee.

During this time you will receive half of the salary of your fully trained journeyman counterparts. The good thing is you will typically receive pay raises as you master more and more skills of the job

Salary of A HVAC Technician

An HVAC technicians salary varies from state to state in

Grand Rapids, MI $36,000year

  • Additional pay
  • $2k cash bonus
  • $288k commissions
  • $2k tip gratuities

Dallas Fort Worth, TX

  • $52,000 a year

here are some salaries

job titles

  • customer service rep jobs $25,000
  • sales rep $$39,000
  • store manager job $46,000
  • Asst manager $41,000

these salaries vary from state to state some jobs may pay and some may pay less. All 50 states have different salaries for different HVAC jobs.

  • HVAC U.S. Airforce range from $30,000 to $76,000
  • U.S Army HVAC range from $35,000 to $76,000
  • johnson controls range from $20 to $50 hourly

HVAC jobs are across the world. Every state needs HVAC employees.

Creating an online business website

To start your online business you will want a website where you can develop a website that will be your business for it to work for you will need to treat it as a business, not a hobby.

To have a profitable website you will need to work hard, add lots of content to your website, and have patience. This is not an overnight get the rich quick program.

Get it here the only place I know that will help you grow your business with all the tools you will need.

The support is so much more than you could imagine for every single problem anyone can have a knowledgeable person of the thousands we have here will answer you.

Unlike any other program where you get an answer in 24 hours up to 48 hours later. Our support group at Wealthy Affiliate answers instantly in 10 minutes or less.

The good thing about this program you can join for free you won’t need a credit card to start.

You will get ten free lessons and when you finish the lessons you will have a website. One where you keep adding content to make it grow.

You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain. The time to start is now.  

You can choose to work for a paycheck from week to week and keep building wealth for someone else or you can choose to build that wealth for yourself.


There are now plenty of jobs that hire felons.

For different jobs, now felons are being bonded. They are doing tjs as a means to help felons get back on their feet. If anything comes up missing or something gets broken on purpose it will get replaced. To be bonded means to have insurance placed on a person. This also means that if someone intentionally breaks something or takes something they are on their way back to the fenced big house, yes, you guessed it back to prison.

This is a great opportunity for felons to get out of prison and start their life back to recover their freedom. Getting a good job when released makes one build their self-esteem. With a job the odds of going back to prison decrease significantly.

There are also government grants that help, some grants don’t have to be paid back.

Lots of jobs call for special equipment such as boots, gloves, overalls, helmets, whatever it is there is help for it just speak to your parole officer he/she will guide you. Parole can also give you vouchers for rent, food, clothing.

It’s all there available to help get you back into society. If there is anything I can do to help you don’t hesitate to ask.

Click bank review


Clickbank review ’20 

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing platform where you will find many digital products to promote. A good deal of you may be familiar with click bank and what it’s about. I’m going to share a little about click bank here. Some pros and cons. Staggering numbers, when and Where click bank began.

The beginning of a program

The beginning of a program, that would become a place Where vendors would place their products that they want help to promote and affiliates would find them and promote them.

    1. This platform began in 1998 out of a garage in San Diego CA. It was one of the first affiliate marketing networks. A platform, where a vendor as well as an affiliate can earn money.

Anyone that wants to become an affiliate marketer can join this platform it’s free.  There are thousands of digital products to promote.

Anyone can promote products on social media networks without working your fingers to the bone. Don’t get me wrong, there is still work to do and it takes time to get build your audience anyone can create an online store where everything in your store will be posted that’s a lot of work, or be an affiliate where you make ads to add to your blog or your websites. Don’t have a website? If you would like to create on for free this program will help you create your website

A general overview of click bank

It 206 million-plus customers from 193 countries

87th internet retailer in North America.

279 categories 21,576 product listing.

6 million entrepreneurs on the platform.

Over 250 million dollars in annual sales.

Affiliate marketing with click bank

The truth is that lots of money can be earned through the click bank affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business industry for anyone to join, it’s free to join.

This is true although, there are affiliate products that are worthless on these affiliate networks that anyone can get caught up in. 

I’m going to share some things to look for on any affiliate marketing platform. Scams usually happen to new people that see all shiny objects and believe they are real. It happened to me twice (not proud to say). This can easily leave a person with no desire to continue. Being a beginner is when we are most vulnerable to be scammed. Why? Again the shiny object. Who, when beginning, hears that by the end of the week You will see in your bank account anywhere from 5, 000 to 10, 000 dollars, will not go try this? Or to buy this program and just plug it into your computer and You will start earning while You sleep.

This is the reason I’m writing this post. I want to make You aware of what to look for as far as scams,

Get rich quick/get paid while You sleep

Fake marketing product and services

Paying a membership or a program to become an affiliate

Get rich quick on click bank

Not happening, although affiliate marketing is the real deal. What it is not, it’s not a get rich overnight scheme. You can earn plenty of money with affiliate marketing.

These-get-rich schemes tell You, that You will make lots of money working a couple of hours a day or by Friday You will see thousands added to your bank account or make money while You sleep, buy a program and just plug it into your account and make money while You sleep You don’t need to be logged in to earn money. Wake up in the morning log in see how much You earned while You slept.

If it sounds too good to be true it most likely is to find the nearest exit and run away, don’t look back.

Fake products and services on click bank

This is one of the most commonly used scams in affiliate marketing.

Fake marketing is when scammers create fake courses and training programs. 

The reason people are so easily influenced by this scam is that they want to be a step above their competition, in their business, they want to have the advantage of more knowledge and what better way than to have a training with professionals. (scammers tell You great lies they are professional scammers) these scammers go all out creating an e-book DVD that is irrelevant and useless. They will send You such things as calendars, pens, stickers, etc. in exchange for your money.

By the time You view the training You just bought the scammers have up and left, with money in their pockets. You can no longer contact them. The training is something that You learned for free online all You have is an old training/ lesson and a dent in your bank account. 

Don’t fall for these lies. 

Pay to join an affiliate marketing program

Never pay to become an affiliate marketer it is free. Although, scammers will paint such a beautiful picture and they promise to hold your hand through the process, and by the end of the week, You will have made so much money. Don’t waste your money on any of these scams.

There are so many stores and companies that pay you to promote them and their products and you can join at no charge. Therefore, never pay to become an affiliate marketer. 

However, there are affiliate platforms that will teach You how to build a website, how to pick your niche, Where You can purchase your domain, and host with word press. Get the steps and tools to make affiliate marketing work for you with your website.

I’m not familiar with too many of them. But the one I am familiar with and I use and I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate

The pros of click bank

When You join the click bank affiliate program You are given your click bank I D this affiliate ID allows You to promote more than 6000 products with no need to sign up for every product You chose individually. This would take too much of Your time. This is one of the reasons people choose to market with Clickbank versus other programs.

Due to the nature of click bank, there are no overhead costs involved this means that there is no shipping and no cost in producing more products. Being in digital form which can be downloaded and since Clickbank only sells digital products. You can earn far higher commissions.

The most obvious click bank has to offer is a great number of digital products that are available to choose from. You should be able to find related products to whatever niche You have chosen to sell on your website even if it’s something obscure, as an affiliate, You can look through all the categories until You find a product/s that interest You and one that will most likely interest your current website visitors.

With new items being added daily You will never run out of products to advertise and best of all You never need to worry about doing any of the reproductions yourself.

Another major advantage of using click bank is the life-changing potential to earn a substantial amount of money, provided that You follow the best affiliate marketing lessons and including having a content-rich website and having a relevant product to market alongside it. Commissions You can earn from click bank are high enough to make your time very worthwhile. Although commissions on products are chosen by the vendors themselves, they are usually in the range of 50% to 70% on every sale You make. These high commissions in turn can lead to You making a passive income for the long term.

The significant advantage of the click bank platform is that You can get into and You don’t need to invest any money yourself. Click bank makes its money from its commissions on vendors products

The cons of click bank

After familiarizing yourself with the various advantages of the Clickbank platform. You may be tempted to try it right away, but it is important that we also understand the drawbacks as well.

While You don’t have anything to lose by signing up and unobtrusively adding one of their affiliate products on your website, it is important that You chose your products very carefully. The biggest problem with click bank (or any other affiliate marketing for that matter) is the great amount of valueless junk being peddled with a greater emphasis on quantity than quality

  1. There are many digital products including programs and electronic guide books that are nothing more than spam.
  2. As is the case with any form of affiliate marketing, You need to choose products that You believe in. Given the number of useless products on click bank or any affiliate marketing platform, it can be hard to find something that fits into this category.
  3. It can take some time until You find something worth advertising on your website, but it is very important that You invest the time and effort, rather than risking having your reputation harmed by advertising products that your visitors are not likely to be impressed in.
  4. Many advantages of click bank also come with their flipsides,  because of the vast pool of products to chose from, there is lots of competition for affiliates. Particularly with the better quality products that offer some genuine value to consumers.
  5. Unfortunately, novices are not likely to be able to compete with the long-established and high-powered affiliates who already dominate the search engine results.

Who is click bank For?

Click bank is for everyone from beginners, entrepreneurs, to vendors alike. It is a digital affiliate program that is easy for beginners. Can use to start their affiliate marketing. 

Clickbank Tools & Training

Clickbank university. 2.0 digitally designed to help users find what is right for them. Because of this being a digital program, your lesson is digital with the only support is online, by phone, or by submitting a ticket. It cost $47 a month. A lot of students complain about this, they do keep their money-back guarantee. They will refund your money it may take some time, but it will happen. 

Clickbank support

Customer support-online or by phone since this is a digital site. Affiliate support: online-by phone-submit a ticket or support for affiliates who comes from the vendors. 

Other than that You’re pretty much helpless

Clickbank Price

affiliates the price is free

Vendor: a one-time fee of $49.95 but each pay period charges $2.50 for each check as long as You stay with click bank

My final opinion on click bank

Clickbank is a good resource for affiliates to find digital products to promote and for vendors to post their products and services for a one-time low fee of $49.95. But being digital the support You get will be from the vendors themselves. The training at click bank is all done digitally. Support from click bank is on the internet or by phone or submitting a ticket.

Clickbank at a Glance…

You can make money with click bank it is a legitimate business that offers digital products for vendors. Where affiliates can find and promote them. There are thousands of products from many categories to chose from. And since this program is digital You will need a platform Where You can get all the training to create an awesome website to promote your products. While this is a legit program that deals with digital products there is also lots of useless material.

Name: Clickbank


Founders: Tim and Eileen Barber

A subsidiary of Keynetic Inc.

Price: affiliates join for free. Vendors are charged a one time service and a fee of $49.95 and $2.50 for every check every pay period.

% of scammy product: .9% out of 100%

Verdict: legitimate affiliate program.


How to start your online business

How to start your online business

How to start your online business with little or no online user experience. How to avoid the scams and to be sure you are working with an honest and caring platform.

If you are looking to supplement your income and/or to develop a long term income. Here is something you may have heard about before “affiliate marketing”.  The best way I have found to make money online. I want you to know this is not a get rich overnight business. Although, with time, dedication, persistence, and patience you could make yourself a wealthy person.

Starting an online business is not so easy. You’ll need to put in some hard work, by hard work, I don’t mean lifting and breaking your back, I mean exercising your brain. You can learn everything about online business, here.

This platform has a free trial. You will get a free website, ten lessons to help you build your website. If after the free trial is over, and you like this platform. you may decide to become a premium member. It is very affordable and well worth every cent. Upgrade to premium your first month will only be $19 and each month after that will be $49 or for more savings, you can choose to go yearly at great savings. It doesn’t cost you a thing to try it, and you have nothing to lose.

selling with Amazon, eBay, or on other platforms

You can join affiliate marketing with Amazon or eBay and post ads on different social media platforms or you can sell your products through their platform for a price. What makes more sense to you? Selling on their platform or your business website? Wealthy Affiliate will help you with setting up your website, adding plugins, your menus and you’ll have a community of experts 24/7 to help you through tough times. I say 24/7 because this is a community that is worldwide and when we sleep others are up to working on their websites.
That’s another reminder, websites, you can have up to 25 websites when you become a premium member.

tired of making your boss richer while you struggle

If you’re tired of working 9 to 5 at the same old job. You lost your job with the covid 19 pandemics. Your bills are piling up, you are fresh out of prison or you’re honestly tired of making your boss richer, while you struggle paycheck to paycheck. If you are seriously looking for a change, I can tell you, you are in the right place.
I believe things don’t just happen by chance. Honestly, people cross paths either to be a lesson learned or to be a blessing. I am here to help you learn how to make money online. And you found me because you were searching for me. So let’s get straight to it, because the sooner you get this information the sooner you can get started.

Just between you and me, my promise to you. I promise to never to lead you to any type of scam

where do I begin, if I don’t know anything about online selling

Where do I begin, not knowing a thing about selling online? This happens to be a problem for many committed felons upon being released. There are platforms such as Craig’s list or local listings. These are for selling a few personal items for short periods.

What I want for you, is for you to have long-term success. I know the struggle of being an ex-felon, trying to find a decent paying job. Therefore, I want to see you succeed with your business website. You create it how you want it. Find something you like to do or are passionate about. There are millions of niches.  A niche is what you want your website to be about. For example say you love going to the track to see horse races or car races. You know about some awesome binoculars. You can write about how far you can see, the clarity, the weight, the best prices. Write reviews on what makes these better than those. Make your web store. Whatever you chose to do, a website is imperative you will need to create a website for anything you decide to do there is so much potential in having your website.

Having a felony conviction/ criminal record

Having a felony conviction, and/or criminal record you know how hard it is to get a decent job. You’re probably asking yourself, why would someone want to help me? what is this? and what can this do for me. Well, I have been there before, It dropped out of school, the second week of the 7th grade. I was abused as a child. I was told, I would never amount to Anything in life, that I should not have been born and I always believed that.
Working from one job to another never staying long. Looking for a real job,  but what is a real job? How would I get a real job with no education? It took me many years before I finally decided to go back to school to get my GED.  Which didn’t do anything to help with a job. Almost everyone should know what kind of job you can get with not much education.
What is happening in the world these days no amount of education could have prepared anyone for the position we’re in.

The best example I can give you on blogging. Is by showing you how it is done. (This what I am doing on this website. I am blogging) but first of all, you’ll need a website.
one of the reasons for creating my website was so I could help you make real changes to your life. if you are ready for that big step in your life. I’m ready to show you how it can happen.

Les Brown, said (best motivational speaker ever )”fail yourself to success”, and “you’ve got to be hungry for success you have got to be hungry for what you want” I have learned you have to want it bad enough to stick with it, to go get it.

In my life if I had, had someone to help me the way this program has helped me, my life could have been different. I can’t think about that now. One thing I do know is that it is never too late. I have learned many great things on this platform.

If you are still with me this tells me that you are ready for change. For a better life than the one, you had yesterday.

Times are changing right before our eyes

Times are changing right before our eyes which means we need to change. Our children are the ones that are going to be left in a world of uncertainty and fear. As much as I would love to go back in time, (that will never happen) and have the opportunity to do what
I’m doing now. We all have one life to live.

Impacting people’s lives are the changes that are taking place, having to stay at home, losing their jobs, having to wear a mask where ever you go. When would we ever be told to wear a mask to enter into a bank?

People are becoming anxious with all the negative energy because of the covid19 and the changes that are happening in today’s world. It can be very depressing or we can look at this as a positive way of change, to find new ways to make a living.

Let me introduce you to a new life-changing internet opportunity, a way to support you, to run an online business without having to have your inventory which makes it easier. Meet the new way “affiliate marketing”

the right platform to learn how to sell online

Wealthy affiliate is the right platform for anyone that wants to create an online business. Start an online business from wherever you may be located.
This platform is highly recommended not only by myself but by thousands of members. Wealthy Affiliate has 18+ years online and has members that grew with this platform and are still here helping beginners like myself and other beginners. There are newbies every single day. I’m not so new but I’m still learning. When I started I only knew how to search for things online, Or play games. I now know how to write a blog, how to make a website, how to make it grow fuller and richer. You can join us for a free trial you’ll get a free website and website hosting. Ten free lessons and you are under no obligation to stay. If you’re really serious about change and making money online, then a wealthy affiliate is the best place to start.

Affiliate marketing is a big opportunity to start making money on the line

You will have a whole new outlook on life, a reason to get motivated. Just knowing you are at the beginning stages of your new life of freedom, where you can work from home or anywhere. If you love to travel, as long as there is an internet connection. ( Almost every hotel now has WiFi.) You’ll love the hours you work because you work on your schedule you can choose morning, noon, or night to work. Home is the new office, this is your chance to make your life what you want it to be. Millions of people are doing it. Join us to change your lifestyle for Your best life ever.

This is my second website since I joined in December 2019 and here am here I am 8 months later kicking it on the greatest platform ever. It has helped me so much. No one can make choices for you, nor can anyone change you, only you can do that. We can most certainly help you if you want our help. The best way that I have found to change my situation is with affiliate marketing. There is amazon or eBay or any existing sales gateway. You need a website first of all.
Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you can begin for free. And during these free lessons, you are building a website for free, with hosting.
Wealthy Affiliate is free to try it.  Sign up here You’re under no obligation you don’t need to add a credit card just come and try it. You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Build your website from zero you make it grow with each lesson. You’re under no obligation to stay.

The website would be the very first step to starting an online business there are millions and millions of products to sell in your online store. You don’t need to have boxes of inventory all over your home nor in your garage.

I’m going, to be honest with you. You do need to have the patience to grow your business. It’s not a get rich overnight business, it will take a little time,(how much time?)well that depends on you.

What is incarceration

What is incarceration?

What is incarceration?  To be incarcerated, to be locked up in a prison/jail facility for any amount of time.  When the law has been broken. One is incarcerated as a punishment. Sometimes for years inside chain-linked fences. A prison unit usually houses 400 inmates. one is assigned to a cell that is called home for the next 2,3,4, or 30 years. 2 prisoners per cell. That is where one will live the duration of their time.  There is a small period you have no contact with the outside world.

All that one has in prison is time

All one has in there is time. If your lucky one can get a job there. There is a store once a month. There is a set amount you can spend each month. But, guess what? This is a privileged one who will need to have a privilege card to be able to shop. There are classes for different things like getting a GED, computer technology, anger management, etc… Most of the time there is a waiting list.

 Time has passed, it’s almost time to go home.

The time has come and gone is so close to being released, the feelings that set in are indescribable. Happiness is the main feeling sadness creeps in, cellmates have lived in the same cell for years and have gotten to know each other becoming friends, sadly, one is being left behind.

Sorting out the feelings

always being happy to be released but sad because two people have lived in the same cell for years and it causes sadness because the other person has to stay. they have learned enough about one another to know that they are not bad people at all they have a good heart. Bad choices landed them there.  Happy but nervous because we don’t know what to expect at home, or something else has changed. Feeling scared, unsure how others are feeling. Trying to sort out the feeling seems like it’s adding other feelings.

Tomorrow is the big day

It’s finally here tomorrow is the big day.  It feels like getting released into the unknown, we get home where everything looks almost the same except brother grew up and got married. Sister grew up and has a boyfriend and going to college. Mom is a little older, she is so happy to see you, “your dad will be home in a couple of hours from work”.  Your mom says.

The word, the dreaded word

Mom said the word, “work” the hardest thing to do upon being released from prison,  find work being an ex Felon and on parole. People are afraid to hire ex-prisoners.  The fact is there are more judges in the world than there are in a courthouse and the sad thing is none have been elected or certified to judge anyone.

everyone has a story not every prisoner is bad.

Everyone has a story.  I’ve had my judgemental moments, but I have learned not to judge a book by its cover. What is seen on the outside may not be a portrait of what’s going on or has gone on on the inside.  I have been to prison, but not because I’m a bad person I made a wrong choice that got me in trouble.  This was over 25 years ago. I’m not proud of the fact I am an ex-prisoner.

Being an ex-prisoner gives me the experience

Being an ex-prisoner. I know first hand the struggles of finding a job. That is the main reason I chose this topic for my website. I want to help people that are having trouble finding a job, because of the label that was put on us.

Let me be the opened door when the rest are closed

There have been plenty of times a door has been closed for me, but it’s ok, don’t take it personally. Life for me has been so much better since joining WA, just following the lessons,  interacting with the WA community, and having discovered some wonderful people along the way. I feel the need to help others by showing them how they too can change to be a better version of themselves. I want to help you to open the door to a fabulous future.

By doing what I love to do I’m never going to work

I love writing. This is fun for me. I can write whenever or whatever I want to write about. Inside the prison, there are lots of people that draw, write, tattoo among other things. Think about it.m people that draw can logo designing, actually if you have a passion, why not put it to work for you. create a business with what you love doing.



Wealthy Affiliate review 2020

In this review of wealthy affiliate 2020

“Wealthy” affiliate 18+ years 

Wealthy Affiliate was created over 18+ years ago by two young men, whose names are Kyle and Carson, that spent numerous hours daily learning by trial and error. (It has become quite a hit.) Imagine  18+ years and what it is today. With 1000s and 1000s of members, Kyle and Carson were beginners at one time.  These two men knew that they were going to be Wealthy, and this niche would be the one to make them wealthy. The name says it all (“Wealthy Affiliate”).

Some members have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 13 years or more, and still with WA, and are set for life.

Every tool you’ll ever need to create a beautiful business website that will be fruitful for you can be found at WA. You can also begin to create a life of wealth. A life of freedom from that 9 to 5 job or whatever work hours you may have. Work hours at WA are the ones we set for ourselves. With all that is happening in the world today, people without jobs, because of this situation. Thank God he sent us some smart people to teach us how to stay home and work.

Taking a test drive at wealthy affiliate

I will explain what is in it for you and how it will help you, there will always be support 24/7. It is free to join.

” It’s like when searching to buy a new car you can take it for a spin, see how it feels if it fits and you like the feeling the purchase is made”. The difference between test-driving and creating a free website that the website is yours.

Premium members have many more tools to work with

Beginners just won’t have access to all the platforms premium members have access to, but can still make money with referrals to WA and making your website work for you. Beginners can choose to go premium.

Wealthy Affiliate is the most lucrative training program there is.  I have tried others that did not offer the support, the tools, the lessons, the community of caring expertise helpers to the platforms. I have paid money to join a few but, one never found the website again, others were getting rich overnight scams.

I have learned that not everything that shines is gold.  I have been a premium member of WA for 8 months. I had no clue as to what went into building a website,  I am now on my second website with no experience when I started. If you would have asked me 8 months ago what was a plug-in or the difference between a page and a post, I honestly could not have answered.

Becoming a member doesn’t cost anything

Becoming a member doesn’t cost anything that can create 2 free websites.  If you chose to upgrade you can create up to 25 amazing websites. There are great things that can be accomplished with Wealthy Affiliate. Beginners can start anytime including right now.  You don’t need money or credit cards to start. We all began at some point.  Many members have been with WA for 13 years + and still learning and building more.

A walk you through video is in every lesson

Each lesson has a video, walking you through every step of building a website, believe me, if I can do it anyone can, I am nowhere near being tech smart. My typing is Less than 25 words a minute.

You will get to learn many exciting things, such as, website themes, what a niche is, how to do keyword searches,  the difference between a page and a post, how to add menu items, and plug-ins to your website. There are many platforms to help us. I will be explaining more as we get more into this review. Right now let’s move along with Wealthy Affiliate review 2020.

   The overview and ranking-wealthy affiliate

  • website name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • owners: Kyle and Carson
  • website:  Get it here        https://wealthy affiliate                                     
  • training: 4.9 out of 5.0
  • support: 5.0 out of 5.0
  • website builder: 4.9 out of 5.0 
  • word press hosting: 4.8 out of 5.0
  • research tools: 4.8 out of5.0
  • success stories: 4.5 out of 5.0 
  • price starter members: (free)
  • premium members:

Wealthy Affiliate support, caring experts 24/7 365 days a year.

Wealthy Affiliate has the most caring experts from around the globe ready and willing to assist you 24/7.  No need to wait long for a response, since Wealthy Affiliate is everywhere on the globe, when we are saying goodnight, somewhere else someone is saying good morning. Therefore, our members can always work on our website and get the help we may need. This is a great asset for those sleepless nights when it’s hard to fall asleep and you want to advance a little or a lot on your website.

The community of WA is one of a kind, we care about you and your success and are here to help one another succeed. that is why we are quick to respond to each other whether to questions or a blog. We can comment on each other’s websites or give honest feedback to let one another know how we are doing, what we can do to improve our website. Also as a premium member, you can get coaching all of this with the premium account. The list on these platforms can go on and on, if I would list everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer to help you build your business, your profitable website I don’t think I would finish anytime soon the list goes on.

   Ask for help not because you’re weak, but because you want to remain strong

I’ve found it so much easier than when I first started I had been ashamed to ask for help. I find that it is so much easier to succeed when we ask questions because if we don’t ask we will be stuck wondering what to do. That was a big mistake on my part. I could be further along, it took me almost two weeks before I got up enough courage to ask for help. Now I am moving right along.  Besides being able to ask for help, there are live chats, you can go review the live training. There is no reason that you can not have a beautiful website that works for you for a lifetime as long as you follow the training, you could have 1, 2, 3, 4 as many as 25 websites. Can you imagine how life could change for you?

Building trust and authority

The best way for life to change is having the will to help others get what they want, what they are looking for. When you build a website keep in mind that you are building it for your audience. The content should target your audience, you will need to build authority and trust with them.

This does not mean being bossy or pushy or trying to push anyone to buy something.

Having authority, in this case, would be writing reviews on an item/s that you know your target audience is searching for. This thing is called your niche something you are passionate about that you know about that you can give your audience the best possible understanding.

The power within WA 

Can you imagine having 25 websites and if every website you create is earning you money. That is the power within WA.

The quality of WA is unimaginable I will give it a score of 99.8 out of 100 and only because after the free lessons you really can’t get in touch with anyone unless you upgrade to premium. But you have to understand that this is a business and just as you take classes at a college whether online or on-campus you have to pay from day one there is no trial to see if you like or don’t like. Well, maybe there you can drop a class. but whatever class you are going to take is going to cost you.

The Q&A and discussions

There is also a live chat, there is a Q&A and discussion on ant topic, where almost any question you may ask, has already been asked. the great part about this is where you get multiple answers the wording may be a little different from in each answer but they lead to the same outcome. Some people have one way of doing something and others have another way to do it but it all leads to the same place. Here is where you chose what is the best or easiest way for you.

   The training has different formats to suit your style

  • there are the beginner members
  • premium members
  • online entrepreneur certification
  • Weekly live classes (with 100s of hours of replays)
  • affiliate boot camp
  • classrooms for every topic of WA
  • WordPress hosting
  • step by step lessons with video in every lesson
  • Classrooms

So many ways to succeed.

have fun, do what you love doing and you will never work another day in your life

lots of people have heard this before do what you love doing and you will not work another day in your life. have fun doing what you like. every time I learn something new I like to play with till I get it right and find the best way to do it. I have always loved writing, and since I’m doing what I love to do I’m not working although I can write faster with an ink pen than with the computer. That is funny.

If your choice is to stay a beginner, you can work on your website and you can promote wealthy affiliate a way to still earn money, the test drive as I’ve called it.

If you have a hobby (like fishing some good things to promote could be fishing rods, hook, line, and sinker anything to do with fishing) just an example.

The 3rd day after I joined for it didn’t take me long before I knew I wanted much more. Eight months later, I’m working on my second website, this has been a big accomplishment for me a life changer.  I’ve tried to make a website a few times but not knowing how, with no help or instruction that didn’t go very well, purchased domains not knowing what it was about. This is why I would never go anywhere else. I’m with WA for the long haul.

lessons are broken down into bite-size chunks

where you can purchase your domain, website building, you get WordPress web hosting. For the step by step lessons, you have access to the media library. The fact each lesson is broken down into smaller parts makes it much easier. With each part, you work on your website, when you’re done with that part you check the box and on to the next box. After all the boxes in that lesson are checked start the next lesson. One lesson can be broken down into two steps or numerous steps. There is a video or two in every lesson, showing you exactly what to do in that step. After each lesson, there is a discussion you can engage in, write what you liked about the lesson, or ask questions.

You can go through the lessons at your own pace, while no one is looking over your shoulder or judging you. I’ve known that as far and wide as one can search there is not a program as valuable and complete as this one.  Kyle and Carson the co-founders along with plenty of expert members are willing to give you some coaching.  I have a sense of pride belonging to this community and I’m sure that you will too. I’ve told you don’t have to take my word for it, do your research. I am so sure you won’t be disappointed.

To engage and join the fun, get the  facts and make your Affiliate review, just click here started

Wealthy Affiliate is a lucrative all in one website

where you can get affiliate marketing training, website building, ultimate keyword search, join for free and earn money, promoting WA, become a premium member and build 25 websites. You can build a niche website or learn to blog, WA has classrooms, community coaching, live training every week (100s of replay hours), you have live help from great experts, live chats.

From the dashboard pictured here you can manage your training, websites, check on live upcoming events,  get ultimate keyword research, search affiliate programs where you can find products or items to link to your website to promote or you can do your research and find affiliate programs where you can find thousands of items to promote. There are millions of things. If you are passionate about something or you know about anything. Your niche is up to you. You can always try the wealthy affiliate boot camp if you can’t decide on a niche. You will go through boot camp training to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t right for everyone, take it for a spin see if it fits you.

If you are seriously ready for a change in your life and your circumstances, you desire more, then you are definitely in the right place. The good thing is that you don’t need money to try it like I’ve said take it for a spin see if it fits you.

You will find that whatever you choose to do you will have the support you want to help you succeed.

You probably won’t have all the tools that are available with premium as a beginner, but you can still make money.

This is Wealthy Affiliate review 2020

I’ve summed it all up. This review has been based on hands-on experience. If you have any questions or comment please leave below and I will get back to you very soon

About miriam

Grandpa always told me  “treat people the way you want to be treated”. His words have followed me through my life.. I love helping people.


I was born and raised in Ogden Utah. I have a big family. I love my family.  I have a son in prison who will be released soon. I have been to prison not because I am a bad person, but because I made wrong choices. family and friends have also been. Since this is the case, I Know first hand that jobs are hard to get.

I’m not a judge, not certified

I don’t judge anyone. Because I’m not a judge.  Everyone has a different life story.  nobody has the right to judge anyone.

I believe everyone deserves a chance.

My goal is to help as many  people as I can.  Because I believe everybody deserve a chance.  I’m the person looking to help others. All the people that need a hand up, not a hand out. The people that are serious about making great changes to their life.

Why do people judge others

You may know my name but not my story. With that said I want to say no one can tell my story better than me. As a child, I was bullied (abused)at home as well as at school.

The earliest recollection I have as a child was before just before 1st grade. When my mom beat me and made me eat the whole cake.