The incentive to employers for at-risk workers

Incentive for employers The Fidelity Bonding program it’s an incentive for employers that have concerns about hiring applicants that are at risk. Bonds are valid for 6 months. Great for job seekers. Work opportunity tax credit for individuals from targeted groups that have been confronted with certain barriers for employment. Targeted groups Qualified veterans Snap … Read moreThe incentive to employers for at-risk workers

What is affiliate marketing and how to start?

What is affiliate marketing and how to start? Affiliate marketing is promoting other peoples products, without having to have your home or garage cluttered with inventory, speak to anyone, or having to mail or receive returns. All you do is write complete honest reviews.  Starting, you will create a website. The best place I recommend … Read moreWhat is affiliate marketing and how to start?

Woodworking a start up business

        Have you ever dreamed of becoming a woodworker and building your future making furniture? Creating beautiful pieces for your home both inside and outside. Even creating your own woodworking business? Teds Woodworking 16,000 plans Having so many projects and plans that will last you a lifetime? Each project having its blueprint … Read moreWoodworking a start up business

5 Top-Paying Jobs

5 top-paying jobs for ex-felons When you are incarcerated on a felony charge/s it is sort of losing some of your privileges. The employment opportunities become less than they were before. Although, there are jobs available that do hire ex-felons. It’s much easier for a first time offender to get a job than for repeat offenders.  … Read more5 Top-Paying Jobs